VIP Experience Passes


VIP Experience Passes

$50.00 per person per concert

There are a limited number of VIP Experience passes available for purchase!

  • Access to all areas available to general admission and access to the VIP viewing section located in front of the stage, which includes the convenience of a separate VIP alcohol refreshment bar and ticket booth for purchase of beer and alcoholic beverages at regular price.
  • Access to the designated VIP Experience area which includes a separate VIP Experience alcohol refreshment bar and ticket booth for VIP Experience guests only, to purchase discounted craft beer, Bud light and Lime-A-Rita (Lime, Strawberry, Lemonade) alcohol beverages.
  • Exit and Re-entry privileges with VIP Experience wristband.
  • Access to separate restrooms located in the VIP Experience area.

Don’t Wait! Purchase your VIP Experience Pass now and enjoy all the benefits of being closer to the stage and the conveniences of being a VIP. No more waiting in long lines…You’re VIP.


VIP Experience Pass Information and Rules

  • VIP Experience Pass purchase is subject to the terms and agreement herein.
  • VIP and VIP Experience wristbands are void if tampered with or damaged.
  • No wristband sharing.
  • No chairs permitted in the VIP area.
  • No meet and greets included.
  • Seating in the VIP viewing section – A limited number of folding chairs are provided in the VIP viewing section, however they are available on a first come basis. Therefore, seating is NOT guaranteed with the purchase of the VIP Experience pass.
  • No refunds will be issued
  • Discounted Alcohol purchases – Discounted drink tickets available for the purchase of craft beer, Bud Light, and Lime-A-Rita beverages for VIP Experience guests apply at the designated VIP Experience alcohol refreshment bar located in the Designated VIP Experience area only. No other alcohol refreshment bar will apply the VIP Experience discount. No refunds will be issued.