Eat & Drink


Available in the Food Court:

Bangkok House – Fried Rice, Sautéed Noodles, Grilled Chicken on Stick, bourbon Chicken, Asian Sausage, Frozen Drinks

Ben’s Soft Pretzels – Pretzels

California Donuts – Funnel Cakes, Funnel Cake Sundaes, Sundaes and Floats

Dairy Belle Ice Cream – Ice Cream cones, sundaes, flurry and shakes, ICEEs, Corn on the Cob, Mexican Style Corn

El Campeon Pina Coladas – Non-Alcoholic Pina Coladas

Firehouse Subs – Subs, Chips, Cookies, Brownies

Frankie V’s Bar & Grill – Italian Beef Sandwiches, Meatball Sandwiches, Shrimp Baskets, Toasted Raviolis, French Fries

Jason’s – Pizza, Italian Sausage Sandwich , Rib Eye Steak Sandwich

Jill’s Sweets & Treats – Chocolate Covered: Strawberries, Cheesecake, Bananas, Bacon, Cherries, Blueberries

Mendoza’s – Beef, Chicken, Steak Taco, Burritos, Tostadas, Taco Dogs, Walking Tacos, Nachos, Quesadillas, Chili, Taco Salad Taco or Burrito Dinner, BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Sloppy Joes, Candy Pretzel Bites, Muffins, Fruit Cups, Chips

Papa John’s Pizza – Pizzas

Red Barn – Elephant Ears with sugar or fruit

Sissy Concessions – 13 Flavors of Kettle Corn, Shake Ups, Italian Ice, Taffy, Giant Ice Pops

Steak Boys – Chicken/Steak Kabobs, Gyros, Subs, Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Butterfly Fries, Smoothies

St. Marie Concessions – Pierogis, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Lemonade, Polish Sausage, BBQ Pulled Pork, Loaded Baked Potato

Thompson Concessions – Fried Veggies, Fish, Shrimp, Chicken Meals, Corn Dogs